Tuesday, 28 August 2007

S l e e p y . . . .

Sekarang jam pukul 2.31 pagi, aku duk mengadap pc lagi....esok studio, drawing aku terdampar

kat atas meja depan tv.....

Mata aku mengantuk pulak "time-time" macam ini, kenapa ko nak tertutup wahai mata, kenapa

ko nak baring wahai badan...

Aku kalau ada 9mm, i shot it near my ear to send vibration through my skull so I will not felt


Yet, aku manusia, aku mengerti, tidur itu satu yang pasti terutamanya tidur yang abadi....

-Penidur Tetap-

Sunday, 26 August 2007

D o W e S u c k s ?!

"My Typical Malaysian Mind - Part 2..."-katunx-

By looking in the current situation in Australia, their policies and how their government doing in helping to keep sustainability is really astonishing. Just look at every house's yard full with three garbage cans stated "For Garbage Only", "For Recycle Only" and "For Green Waste Only". All this provided by the local authority or the government. Yet, we never see the same situation in Malaysia, I mean there's always "talk the talk" but never come out with "walk the walk".

Also, every university in Australia have really emphasizing on building technology subject or issues in providing better design solution for more sustainable building. It is just a matter of time before the country will come out with more affordable solution for fully sustainable building. You don't expect every buildings in Malaysia to be design like Ken Yeang's design that totally will rip off the client's pocket. Yeah, the reality is the contractor or cost estimators really hate the amount and hassle mingling around the process of erecting a sustainable building.

Yet again, how my country Malaysia really do in moving towards this sustainable approach for every building. I must admit we really do our part in education sector, I still learnt about sustainable approaches in architecture but the issue lies on how willing the real industry members to cooperate and tolerate with this approach. How far will the goverment do to make sure this thing will moving close to realisation. I still don't see any recyle garbage can provided in every house? I still don't see how concern our television station to aware us about how many green house gas emission does Malaysia produce every years? And I can't see most of our Malaysian fighting about this issue?

Australia did it but why can't we? I'm not supporting Australia, no, because I know their concern today was due to the facts of their previous actions. News stated that there is a hole in ozone layer on top of Australia so is that not enough as a main point for their concern level today? Are Malaysia rapidly growing in construction industry and development will not lead to any disastrous future? Do we need to actually wait until our ozone layer has a punch of hole on it then we realize something?

"Why procrastinate while you can actually do it now, you are the government and we don't choose you for nothing...i know it easy for me to talk, but yet at least I talk, I can do it if you do "the walk" -katunx-

Monday, 20 August 2007

" S e j u k S e h i n g g a K e T u l a n g S u m s u m

Right now, this morning from 6.00am I woke up until 7.36, Geelong is hitting 2 celsius, 2 more and we all be freeze in our own house. It's so damn cold and I even wear my glove in my house just to do this new post.

Suddenly I remember the old said " Sejuk sehingga ke tulang sumsum", and I definitely don't know whether the cold penetrated ke tulang sum-sum or not but I can ensure that if the old said is true...possibly the creator of the metaphore must have been to Geelong before...ahaha

"During the cold morning, all that you can think of is hot chocolate and nice warm bed...or better, nice to be in Malaysia...oh gosh!!"-katunx-

Thursday, 16 August 2007

D e w a n M a l a y s i a !

Nothing feel likes home when talking about the name of "Malaysia" in this foreign land. Fortunately, I have a friend living there at Malaysian Hall, Melbourne. She is actually our course mate from UIA, studying at RMIT. And another reason for the visit is our senior and lecturer from UIA also arrived here on that week to continue his study at Swinburne University. Another more reason is, foods...ahaha...this one for sure...

Actually, I'd already at campus to do my assignment (tensen gila buat ECOTECT, asyik tak jadi je..)and directly went to Melbourne by train with Suboh, Kamil and Kak Sab. We've arrived at Melbourne around 6.00pm (dah maghrib pun time nie, dari kul 5 lebih lagi). Then, directly took the tram to High Street.(sebenarnya awal-awal blur gila Malaysian Hall kat mana...)

They served us with warm welcome, we even got spaghetti, rice with black pepper meat and paprik sotong...yea,yea. Thanks a lot to Fadalina and Kak Jaja for the nice meal. Also got to know the people living in Malaysian Hall.(politic is good for future purpose...ehehe, just kidding) Actually, the residents are really nice, maybe we will hit back here during raya...

Met with Bro.Suhaimi(he is the lecturer I'm talking about), we brought him to Hellfire at Melbourne City near Crown, the casino. Hellfire actually refer to 7 or 8(gosh, i dunno..) high poles along the riverside. Once an hour, the poles will blow fire on top of it. It's freaking awesome dude..(normal Australian words..)

"During winter, it is really nice to stand under the pole so you can get the heat from it..." -katunx-

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

S m o r g y ' s T i m e.....

Yup, yup, as per title, I would like to introduce one of the famous food attraction in Geelong, Victoria. I've been here for twice already ( don't expect me to go often, it is AU$18 per head at dinner and AU$14 at lunch time) It's "all you can eat buffet" quoted from the restaurant main entrance located at the Cunningham Pier, a restaurant floating above the sea...a really nice view of Geelong waterfront...

Jap, ini bukan rancangan Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan yang dihoskan oleh Raja Maria, it just that, I went there on last Friday because we got visitors from Melbourne (our friends there)that asked us to accompany them to eat there. And the best part is, they treat all of us. (Balliang House, refer to the street where our house located) This time, I ate a lot until i feel like wanna puke...darn it, I felt dizzy right after the dessert(the dessert is the 5th course...)

So, I went outside and wait for them to finish while I'm standing next to deck just in case I wanna throw up, the sea will be ideal for it...lol:P But, I'm really full that night, right after the meal, I went back to campus just to finish up my assignment for Monday submission...damn...I even fell asleep in the computer lab for a while...ahaha...

" Be selective for what you eat at "all you can eat buffet restaurant" because you might end up throw up all over the foods...ahaha" - katunx -

Monday, 13 August 2007

B a s i k a l T u a

Everyday walking to campus could be quite tiring and time consuming, especially in this cold weather. It feels even harder when you have to walk up a hilly road and down to the waterfront. My house mates persuaded me to buy a bicycle, could be an ease to go to campus, even faster...(common sense..gosh!)

I got a deal with a friend in Melbourne, he's selling his bicycle because he had finished his study, and who actually wanna bring their bicycle from Australia back to Malaysia? A nice cheap bicycle, just AU$50 (please don't convert guys, let me have the feeling of paying less in Australia...huh..)

And yeah, during the 3rd week I'm here, off I go to Melbourne again with Suboh(actually he wanna redo back his photography assignment since the last film spoil). Oh, i got a good experience during my visit at Melbourne. A man approached me at Federation Square, he's wanna preached about Christian. So we have a little chat about religious and no, it's not a debate or argument at all. He just wanna know something about Islam, and I wanna know something about Christian. More like educational discussion.

" Stop blaming religion when we actually talking about extremist....not totally all the believers action reflect the religion nature...religion is pure as it is..." -katunx-

But, to actually met with young man (but still older than me dude..) that really wanna volunteer to preach about religion, touch my heart, I don't even have the spirit to preach about my own religion to others. And yet, I never seen any youngster in Malaysia doing the same...it just something we all need to ponder then...(seriously..)

Got my bicycle at Swanston house(our friends in Melbourne house), me and Suboh walked to Southern Cross with my bicycle(can't ride it, i didn't bring my helmet). So damn tired, since we arrived at Geelong around 2.30 already...uhhhh...

Sunday, 12 August 2007

P i c t u r a m a A l - M e l b o u r n e A r c h i t e k t u r...

Another week had passed, and I got a real assignment for my photography class (it's an elective by the way...). We have to capture the exquisite view of an architecture and the greatest part is using SLR and slide film. SLR means the one without the "D" in front as also know as manual camera...

But, yet an interesting assignment, first we got to borrow the camera from resource center and i got my hand on Pentax K1000. A real manual SLR first manufactured on 1976 if I'm not mistaken..(what the heck, i know u guys know what google.com meant to be) Yeah, another trip to Melbourne on the weekend just for the assignment.

We spent our night there (me, Suboh and Kamil) at Coberg, thanks to our friends in Melbourne, just to take shots on day and night view. Really interesting experience playing with aperture and shutter manually. Even I had the chance to taste the foods at Bismi restaurant, oh a really nice meal during winter. Melbourne was so darn cool that night and I only wore my thin Adidas jacket...oh no, shivering in the Federation Square at night...oh that cold night breeze, "menusuk ke tulang sumsum"...lol:D

"Lovely night at Melbourne seems like forever in the really cold winter breeze...damn" - katunx-

Saturday, 11 August 2007

S n o w i s w h i t e , s o?

Oh, got lucky, on my first week of arriving to Australia, I get to go to Lake mountain for some snow experience...fuuhh, what a relief, from a 4 celsius winter in Geelong to -7 Celsius at Lake Mountain...what? Are you nut? Resistance of mind with will....

"Chances do come once or twice but do you dare to wait for the 'never known when' twice?" - katunx-

Yeah, i went there, what the heck, since it is free actually, real thanks to our friends in Melbourne that really want us to go and supporting us financially....(us - means all the members in my house)

Go for a toboggan ride, yeah, the one like "dulang" ski, and first try was a pain on the ass...oh, no i don't purposely say "pain in the ass" as a metaphor, but it was really pain on my ass, the toboggan was slammed on a huge snow bump...and the result, sacrificial ass pain..

But, really, when people actually like snow, yeah, worth while watching in tv, but when you really experienced it, nope, you might get frostbite, don't ever try holding snow with your bare hands...i can't even feel my finger when I'm doing that....lol:P

Thursday, 9 August 2007

F i r s t D a y, F i r s t C l a s s & F i r s t P r e s e n t a t i o n

17th July - First Day on Campus

Picked up by university representatives, went to Waurrn Ponds campus for enrollment, then to the Waterfront Campus at Geelong (this is actually the faculty for Architecture). Met with some staff at the office, filled up the enrollment form, checked up the class and there you go, the first class of the day.....guessed what, studio time..

Went in the lecture, then tutorials at studio, being given our site and site visit. And "wallah...", our first group presentation right after the site visit...what? Presentation on my first day and my first class?

Turned out quite well, just an informal presentation, still gonna lubricate my rusty brain to work....come on, come on, some ideas please....

Thursday, 2 August 2007

S t e p o n A u s t r a l ia

15th July(1.30pm - 2.30pm) - From KLIA to Jakarta by Lion Air

(luckily Lion Air still gave mineral water to drink rather than Air Asia....lol:P)

15th July (9.30pm - 3.30am) - From Jakarta to Perth International Airport by Garuda

(oh, a really nice meal, makes me miss Malay and Indonesian foods so much...)

16th July (3.30pm - 8.30pm) - Perth Domestic Airport to Melbourne by Qantas

(oh damn, forgot to ask for Halal meal, so just ate the rice without the green curry chicken.. geez..)

16th July (9.00pm - 10.00pm) - Melbourne Airport to Balliang Cottage at Geelong

(oh finally, luckily these guys still haven't fall asleep yet, or else I ended up sleeping on the corridor under 4 degrees in winter...)

remarks : nice 7 hours wait at Jakarta airport because plenty of Halal foods from KFC until Dunkin Donut, and damn waiting at Perth Domestic Airport, all you can eat is Snickers bar from the convenience store or maybe Tim Tam(they said this one not Halal, but what the heck, I ate it up already before knowing it...lol:P)