Thursday, 16 August 2007

D e w a n M a l a y s i a !

Nothing feel likes home when talking about the name of "Malaysia" in this foreign land. Fortunately, I have a friend living there at Malaysian Hall, Melbourne. She is actually our course mate from UIA, studying at RMIT. And another reason for the visit is our senior and lecturer from UIA also arrived here on that week to continue his study at Swinburne University. Another more reason is, foods...ahaha...this one for sure...

Actually, I'd already at campus to do my assignment (tensen gila buat ECOTECT, asyik tak jadi je..)and directly went to Melbourne by train with Suboh, Kamil and Kak Sab. We've arrived at Melbourne around 6.00pm (dah maghrib pun time nie, dari kul 5 lebih lagi). Then, directly took the tram to High Street.(sebenarnya awal-awal blur gila Malaysian Hall kat mana...)

They served us with warm welcome, we even got spaghetti, rice with black pepper meat and paprik sotong...yea,yea. Thanks a lot to Fadalina and Kak Jaja for the nice meal. Also got to know the people living in Malaysian Hall.(politic is good for future purpose...ehehe, just kidding) Actually, the residents are really nice, maybe we will hit back here during raya...

Met with Bro.Suhaimi(he is the lecturer I'm talking about), we brought him to Hellfire at Melbourne City near Crown, the casino. Hellfire actually refer to 7 or 8(gosh, i dunno..) high poles along the riverside. Once an hour, the poles will blow fire on top of it. It's freaking awesome dude..(normal Australian words..)

"During winter, it is really nice to stand under the pole so you can get the heat from it..." -katunx-

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