Monday, 20 August 2007

" S e j u k S e h i n g g a K e T u l a n g S u m s u m

Right now, this morning from 6.00am I woke up until 7.36, Geelong is hitting 2 celsius, 2 more and we all be freeze in our own house. It's so damn cold and I even wear my glove in my house just to do this new post.

Suddenly I remember the old said " Sejuk sehingga ke tulang sumsum", and I definitely don't know whether the cold penetrated ke tulang sum-sum or not but I can ensure that if the old said is true...possibly the creator of the metaphore must have been to Geelong before...ahaha

"During the cold morning, all that you can think of is hot chocolate and nice warm bed...or better, nice to be in Malaysia...oh gosh!!"-katunx-

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