Sunday, 12 August 2007

P i c t u r a m a A l - M e l b o u r n e A r c h i t e k t u r...

Another week had passed, and I got a real assignment for my photography class (it's an elective by the way...). We have to capture the exquisite view of an architecture and the greatest part is using SLR and slide film. SLR means the one without the "D" in front as also know as manual camera...

But, yet an interesting assignment, first we got to borrow the camera from resource center and i got my hand on Pentax K1000. A real manual SLR first manufactured on 1976 if I'm not mistaken..(what the heck, i know u guys know what meant to be) Yeah, another trip to Melbourne on the weekend just for the assignment.

We spent our night there (me, Suboh and Kamil) at Coberg, thanks to our friends in Melbourne, just to take shots on day and night view. Really interesting experience playing with aperture and shutter manually. Even I had the chance to taste the foods at Bismi restaurant, oh a really nice meal during winter. Melbourne was so darn cool that night and I only wore my thin Adidas jacket...oh no, shivering in the Federation Square at night...oh that cold night breeze, "menusuk ke tulang sumsum"

"Lovely night at Melbourne seems like forever in the really cold winter breeze...damn" - katunx-

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