Monday, 13 August 2007

B a s i k a l T u a

Everyday walking to campus could be quite tiring and time consuming, especially in this cold weather. It feels even harder when you have to walk up a hilly road and down to the waterfront. My house mates persuaded me to buy a bicycle, could be an ease to go to campus, even faster...(common sense..gosh!)

I got a deal with a friend in Melbourne, he's selling his bicycle because he had finished his study, and who actually wanna bring their bicycle from Australia back to Malaysia? A nice cheap bicycle, just AU$50 (please don't convert guys, let me have the feeling of paying less in Australia...huh..)

And yeah, during the 3rd week I'm here, off I go to Melbourne again with Suboh(actually he wanna redo back his photography assignment since the last film spoil). Oh, i got a good experience during my visit at Melbourne. A man approached me at Federation Square, he's wanna preached about Christian. So we have a little chat about religious and no, it's not a debate or argument at all. He just wanna know something about Islam, and I wanna know something about Christian. More like educational discussion.

" Stop blaming religion when we actually talking about extremist....not totally all the believers action reflect the religion nature...religion is pure as it is..." -katunx-

But, to actually met with young man (but still older than me dude..) that really wanna volunteer to preach about religion, touch my heart, I don't even have the spirit to preach about my own religion to others. And yet, I never seen any youngster in Malaysia doing the just something we all need to ponder then...(seriously..)

Got my bicycle at Swanston house(our friends in Melbourne house), me and Suboh walked to Southern Cross with my bicycle(can't ride it, i didn't bring my helmet). So damn tired, since we arrived at Geelong around 2.30 already...uhhhh...

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